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1Owen Rardin ('25) Scouting ProfileBV01002003.10005000.000.00
2Simon Yochum ('24) Scouting ProfileVNC00002004.10027200.000.92
3Owen Phypers ('25) Scouting ProfileSTJ210030010.210415110.000.47
4Michael Hough ('26) Scouting ProfileLP11001107.02028110.000.43
5Wyatt Hossenlopp ('26) Scouting ProfileCM00001002.00011010.000.50
6Keaton White ('25) Scouting ProfileCM00001002.00005000.000.00
7Colton Schlief ('25) Scouting ProfileGC00012003.00015220.001.00
8Louis Marsala ('24) Scouting ProfileGC00001002.00003100.000.50
9Edwin Feliciano ('25) Scouting ProfileCHRL11001117.00018200.000.43
10Nicholas Dunn ('25) Scouting ProfileVNC00002003.00023100.001.00
11Bryce Sawalt ('24) Scouting ProfileNP00002003.04055020.001.67
12Nate Winterhalter ('24) Scouting ProfileVNC00002006.20037000.000.45
13Shae Weeks ('24) Scouting ProfileGC11001004.02015300.001.00
14Carter Cox ('26) Scouting ProfileVNC22002006.00025200.000.67
15Brady Schumaker ('24) Scouting ProfileVNC22002006.21024120.000.45
16Presley Woodson ('25) Scouting ProfileSTJ21002008.000316100.000.50
17Joseph Lawson ('26) Scouting ProfileBV11002005.00037310.001.20
18Trevor Nikolis ('24) Scouting ProfileSTJ11002006.11046110.000.79
19Dylan Mullan ('24) Scouting ProfileSTJ00002002.20023200.001.50
20Cian Stephens ('27) Scouting ProfileNP11001004.10038110.000.92
21Vincent Mattei ('24) Scouting ProfileGC220020011.011319100.640.36
22Colyn Sowers ('25) Scouting ProfileNP21002009.021417600.781.11
23Jackson Lucas ('25) Scouting ProfileVNC21102007.13194110.951.36
24Evan Garcia ('24) Scouting ProfileGC21102006.031313211.170.83
25Charley Bergsma ('24) Scouting ProfileSTJ00003002.22154212.632.63
26Jacob Gorra ('25) Scouting ProfileMAR00001002.11113113.000.86
27Ryder Woodson ('24) Scouting ProfileSTJ01113004.12237213.231.15
28Kayson Sands ('26) Scouting ProfileBV11001004.02233103.501.00
29Blake Lavenia ('26) Scouting ProfileBV21002117.244511323.651.04
30Josh Doerrfeld ('24) Scouting ProfileNP11001003.02217204.671.00
31Eli Porinchak ('25) Scouting ProfileNP00003003.02244104.671.67
32Johnny Antonucci ('24) Scouting ProfileCM11001003.02224404.672.00
33Caleb Kiraly ('25) Scouting ProfileMAR10101003.02231514.672.67
34Jason Bello ('24) Scouting ProfileBV11002007.06696516.002.00
35Aidan McDonald ('25) Scouting ProfileCM10101003.05341107.001.67
36Will Kramer ('24) Scouting ProfileGC00002005.08697718.403.20
37Gavin Mills ('25) Scouting ProfileMAR10101002.043422210.503.00
38Braden Deluca ('26) Scouting ProfileDC00001002.044214114.003.00
39Corbin Gilmore ('24) Scouting ProfileDC10101002.066711021.004.00
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