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Pitching Stats Spring 2021

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1John Whitney ('22) Scouting ProfileVNC120090013.221825600.511.02
2Josiah Velasquez ('22) Scouting ProfileBV10710106561.110538901580.570.86
3Anthony Ursitti ('21) Scouting ProfileCANT640061130.07322481440.701.20
4Abel Albarran ('23) Scouting ProfileLB430041118.262729910.750.86
5Ian Jenson ('21) Scouting ProfileVNC0302170018.0429301470.781.28
6Jaden Ascolese ('23) Scouting ProfileCANT330071017.22210171020.791.13
7Dylan Peck ('22) Scouting ProfileBV331072127.1841618721.020.84
8Houston Wynne ('22) Scouting ProfileVNC7431150037.21263630811.121.17
9Aiden Beechy ('21) Scouting ProfileVNC12900120041.0973535641.201.00
10Kevin Rodriguez ('21) Scouting ProfileIC11720115164.116113392511.200.59
11Jaden Stockton ('22) Scouting ProfileCM11620121151.1161137622131.501.13
12Joseph Rafaniello ('21) Scouting ProfileVNC0000120012.2331116331.661.11
13Barrett Curry ('21) Scouting ProfileLB030160012.183814751.701.22
14Drew Marra ('22) Scouting ProfileCM6620130035.1141028361941.981.33
15Joseph Hobson ('21) Scouting ProfileBV10540106360.031174851931.980.95
16Michael Weider ('23) Scouting ProfilePC220040013.2741216952.051.54
17David Morgan ('21) Scouting ProfileVNC2022160013.2741416742.051.54
18Jeffrey Vivian ('22) Scouting ProfilePC002170015.075198862.331.80
19Austin Schrowe ('23) Scouting ProfileCANT011370014.25512231312.391.70
20Jake O'Connell ('21) Scouting ProfileCANT631062130.111112442822.541.05
21Dylan Masters ('22) Scouting ProfileIC542181127.0171030251332.591.59
22Brandon Long ('21) Scouting ProfileNP734073240.1201534571062.601.09
23Andrew Nelson ('23) Scouting ProfileNP110080018.21272117312.631.29
24Aiden Troy ('21) Scouting ProfileCM011090014.11461623662.931.53
25Kevin Martinez ('23) Scouting ProfileIC10520113152.2312450511823.191.29
26Wilfredo Torres ('22) Scouting ProfileSFM303060015.01471191403.271.67
27Noah Petrovich ('21) Scouting ProfileIC0112130014.21071012533.341.02
28Landon Carter ('24) Scouting ProfilePC722182038.2261947381033.441.47
29Bronson Sessa ('22) Scouting ProfileCM1201160023.2121220241213.551.35
30Brayden Kelly ('22) Scouting ProfileNP7330103143.1292353361343.721.52
31Todd Velotta ('21) Scouting ProfileCM852090033.121183442783.781.23
32Tanner Filla ('22) Scouting ProfileBV321040014.21081221603.821.23
33Stephen Lomski ('21) Scouting ProfilePC726081137.23123423119124.271.62
34Trey Rutan ('23) Scouting ProfileLB411050013.215913201134.611.76
35Jayden Gordon-Somers ('23) Scouting ProfileNP212060014.1161115201725.372.23
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