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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Kyle Machado (J) Scouting ProfileCHRL420170023.22111361420.301.06
2Zachary Price (S) Scouting ProfileLAB2312130027.29214522220.511.30
3Angelo Palacios (J) Scouting ProfileLELY440093226.0421031510.540.58
4Matt McDade (S) Scouting ProfileCC8411102247.016534531430.741.02
5Beck Hoefling (S) Scouting ProfileCANT110091118.0321229210.780.78
6Tyler Nesbitt (J) Scouting ProfileLAB15830161072.0329481142760.881.04
7Tronn Goehring (S) Scouting ProfileHEAT431062223.2531127910.890.85
8Bryce Einstein (J) Scouting ProfileCANT1105191135.25524311430.981.07
9Aaron Gebig (J) Scouting ProfileCANT761081034.0952539401.030.85
10Tyler Burton (S) Scouting ProfileLAB8541161159.01510351001571.190.85
11Austin Quinones (J) Scouting ProfilePR430062027.1952531741.281.17
12Nick Vanderhof (S) Scouting ProfileCANT121010142161.2201352721841.481.14
13Steven Laboy (S) Scouting ProfileLELY440080028.011617272021.501.32
14Nick Denove (S) Scouting ProfileBC12830165277.0281756961561.550.92
15Andrew Jaffarian (S) Scouting ProfileCC742191142.0131041401811.671.40
16Collin Camarigg (S) Scouting ProfileGC11812130052.0171347692351.751.35
17Robert Rossetti (J) Scouting ProfileLELY12850154166.0251750652971.801.20
18Luke Baker (J) Scouting ProfileGC5413121126.011718281531.881.27
19Jakob Jackson (So) Scouting ProfileCM641072029.111825201311.911.30
20Dalton Plattner (S) Scouting ProfileCM8460112043.0231234482331.951.33
21Sean Means (J) Scouting ProfileBC6322150048.1291434562462.031.20
22Aidan Bennett (J) Scouting ProfileBC8540120041.12212313532112.031.52
23Levi Shuck (S) Scouting ProfileCANT652080027.011820341462.071.26
24Kevin Conway (J) Scouting ProfileCHRL413061026.11282926452.131.25
25Konnor Stone (J) Scouting ProfileGC7510110038.0171333381472.391.24
26Paul Labriola (J) Scouting ProfileCM621090032.1271329372372.811.61
27Gabe Lopez (S) Scouting ProfileLELY6411140037.0211536301932.841.49
28Dan Garcia (S) Scouting ProfileNPLS431051123.2121119231113.251.27
29Derek Rascher (S) Scouting ProfilePR321061119.11291724823.261.29
30Jared Tomasso (S) Scouting ProfileCM421081020.0131013191443.501.35
31Tobey McDonough (J) Scouting ProfileGC440091022.1131224281103.761.57
32Connor Phelan (So) Scouting ProfileBC323091120.013122320714.201.50
33Michael Maxwell (S) Scouting ProfilePR844090028.2252326272885.621.88
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