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League Batting Stats Spring 2018

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1Gabe Lopez (S) LELY813137621024106.457.551.506
2Derek Rascher (S) PR54142411700344.444.483.574
3Brandyn Gatenby (S) PR45112014841046.444.519.867
4Chad Heersema (S) GC70163124610535.443.473.557
5Cameron Jones (J) LELY8131351640118610.432.462.519
6Doug Belanger (S) NPLS3551511820166.429.545.771
7Shane Marshall (S) GC80263420732151618.425.557.663
8Dionel Mena (S) LELY601125218112710.417.514.633
9Levi Shuck (S) CANT99284120140181310.414.479.586
10Steven Laboy (S) LELY54142221602819.407.453.630
11Matt McDade (S) CC69212816800121511.406.517.522
12Kyle Todd (S) CC30412101003310.400.486.433
13Caleb Poll (J) HEAT35131482415112.400.543.771
14Collin Camarigg (S) GC9035362873413814.400.462.678
15Nick Denove (S) BC99253916511141014.394.451.495
16Spencer Roach (S) CC6916272061281315.391.488.594
17Stephen Gomez (S) PR471318122105811.383.508.468
18Trace Burchard (So) LAB831831187103106.373.438.482
19Drake Dobyanski (S) GC92343415450221912.370.496.522
20Giovanni DiGiacomo (S) CANT952735345265610.368.415.653
21Mars Moxley (J) CM52131992005310.365.393.404
22Noah White () PR44716113004812.364.463.432
23Dylan Doria (J) BC881132176005810.364.441.432
24Michael Jensen (S) HEAT36131310100565.361.465.389
25Tronn Goehring (S) HEAT367137310355.361.500.500
26Darius Bradley (J) NPLS25796100814.360.393.400
27Aidan Bennett (J) BC8415301351041016.357.427.440
28Ian Hunniford (J) HEAT31101110300588.355.488.452
29Noah Henry (J) HEAT317118000232.355.429.355
30Adam Masarik (S) HEAT3712137120526.351.372.486
31Julian Meyers (J) CANT8830301530171123.341.442.409
32Joey Goldblatt (S) GC6524221733051714.338.500.477
33Allen Guerrero (F) CC6813231640161010.338.418.441
34Paul Labriola (J) CM681023190314815.338.407.471
35Jakob Jackson (So) CM7714261270091512.338.441.429
36Danny Cunningham (S) CANT9326312431661322.333.422.581
37Dilion White (So) LAB3010104200079.333.488.400
38Max Smyley (S) CM6311211010031110.333.421.349
39Bryce Hayse () CHRL304107500165.333.459.500
40Colton Cormier (S) GC84232831333101018.333.406.548
41Juan Garcia (J) LELY72262421821121521.333.474.542
42Konnor Stone (J) GC57141915200367.333.426.368
43Cooper Weiss (J) CANT82262722101191723.329.457.512
44John Mascia (J) GC40131310020244.325.391.425
45Zachary Price (S) LAB7472493002310.324.354.365
46Brandon Dye (S) CC59121943009819.322.397.373
47Angelo Palacios (J) LELY72112314010458.319.388.347
48Tobey McDonough (J) GC41141392105311.317.388.415
49John Long (J) BC8316261450081516.313.422.373
50Emil Valenzuela (J) GC84172615521669.310.366.452
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